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Rev. Dr. Nathan C.P. Frambach

Nathan Frambach
Professor of Pastoral Theology; Coordinator of MA Degree Programs

E-Mail: nframbach@wartburgseminary.edu
Office Number:   311 Fritschel Hall
Office Phone:   (563) 589-0311
Fax: (563) 589-0333

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MN 160W Seen and Heard: Foundations for
Youth and Family Ministry
MN 200W Renewing Worship: Beyond
"Traditional" and "Contemporary"
(with Thomas Schattauer)
MN 260W Across the Generations:  Cross-
Generational Ministry
MN 355W The Cultures of Youth and the
Question of Identity
MN 365W Systems Thinking and Family Theory
in Pastoral Ministry
MN 372W Children, the Family, and Faith
MN 373W Pastoral Care of Adolescents
IN 106W Spiritual Practices


Emerging Ministry: Being Church Today

The Ministry of Children's Education:  Foundations, Contexts, Practices, Augsburg Fortress, 2004

High Frequency:  Lost and Found , musical curriculum, 2001
Across the Generations:  Incorporating All Ages in Ministry:  The Why and How, Augsburg Fortress, 2001


Dr. Frambach has extensive knowledge in the following categories and is able to serve as a resource on:

  • Adolescent spirituality
  • Children's Issues
  • Family and Generational Theory
  • Pastoral Care with Adolescents
  • Spirituality, Music & Film
  • Wilderness & Spirituality
  • Youth & Family Ministry; Youth Culture
Doctor of Philosophy
Luther Seminary
Master of Divinity
Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Bachelor of Arts
Lenoir-Rhyne College
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Born on a farm in rural Medina County, Ohio, Nathan Frambach presently lives in Dubuque, Iowa, with his wife, Diane, and their two boys, Garrett Andrew and Andres Thomas. Nate is a pastor presently called to teach at Wartburg Theological Seminary in the area of Youth, Culture & Mission. Diane works as a guidance counselor at Hempstead High School in Dubuque. She is responsible for their family's strong allegiance to the St. Louis Cardinals, and gets nervous when the boys shoot Nerf hoops in the home office where the computer is located. Garrett is in 7th grade at Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, now 12 years old and really into music, social networking, skateboarding, reading anything he can get his hands on and playing baseball whenever he can. Garrett still wants to form his own band fashioned after Lost & Found (www.speedwood.com). Andres is in 3rd grade at John F. Kennedy elementary school. Andres is very artistic, involved in Boy Scouts and swimming, loves to play outside and is a great helper around the house. If you are interested in their adoption journey to Colombia in the summer of 2005 visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/andres and enter Wartburg. Nate has a prized collection of letters from Frederick Buechner, frequents One Mean Bean & Moondog Music, plays basketball at the Y, and makes numerous trips each year with his family to see the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball.

A pastor by public vocation, Nate served three congregations previously--two in Illinois and one in Minnesota. He also served as Associate Director of the Youth Ministries/Gathering team for the ELCA and, prior to that, as an Instructor on the faculty of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for two years while he finished a Ph.D. in Practical Theology (congregational studies and leadership).

Along with worshipping, learning and teaching with the Wartburg community, Nate shares the values and friendship of emergent (www.emergentvillage.com) and the emerging leaders network (http://luthermergent.ning.com) and enjoys learning about and exploring the landscape of the emerging church with friend and colleague Karen Ward (www.apostleschurch.org). Nate currently serves on the Board of Directors of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network (www.elcaymnet.org).

Nate's philosophy of life is really quite simple: to work as little as possible, make as much money as he needs, doing what he loves to do. In his spare time, Nate runs (not to get anywhere, mind you, just to sweat), wonders why he never does any work on the huge work bench in his garage (although it is an excellent place for stacking stuff) and always wishes he were canoe camping in the Boundary Waters (unless it's the middle of winter, when he doesn't wish that so much). He loves good beer.

Mostly, however, Nate loves being Diane's husband and father to two great boys. He and Diane don't need much for entertainment. They like to sit and talk, remembering their own things past and leaning into the future together. And as for the two boys, there isn't much that beats sitting in the middle of the living room floor with your children-playing cards, telling stories, and eating cereal out of the box.

April 2009

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