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Sustainable Wartburg

Wartburg Theological Seminary is committed to stewarding God’s creation…
•       in our education of valued leaders in God’s mission,
•       by continuing to “green” our campus,
•       and through working collaboratively with our neighbors toward sustainability.

Within Wartburg’s identity as a seminary of the ELCA where learning leads to mission and mission informs learning, we offer courses and opportunities for the Wartburg community to engage questions of theology and sustainability.
•       Current courses include Ethics, Environment, and Development, taught by President Duane Larson and Dr. Kevin Anderson, Registrar, and Preaching and Stewardship , taught by Dr. Samuel Giere.

Wartburg has been a leader in taking steps to make our physical plant more sustainable and to reduce our carbon footprint.  Wartburg celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2004 and our main campus buildings were built in 1912.  Even working with Wartburg’s signature old limestone buildings, we have transitioned our main physical plant (classrooms, community space, offices, and dormitory) to
•       More efficient lighting (T8 bulbs with electronic ballast) in 1991
•       Geothermal heating and cooling in 2001, including
•       Variable Frequency Drives on the main circulation pumps to reduce energy use and
•       Energy Recovery Units, which with a small electronic motor re-circulates exhaust air with incoming air allowing us to use no auxiliary heat sources when the outdoor temperature is above 40F
•       High Pressure Sodium lighting for all of our outdoor lighting to reduce energy consumption in 2001
•       With the construction of the Pulpit Rock Apartments in 1995, we also installed more efficient lighting (T8 bulbs with electronic ballast) in these units
•       For the past eight years, we have been installing high efficiency furnaces and energy efficient refrigerators in our Student Housing
•       We use front load, low water consumption washing machines with the energy star

Wartburg is committed to recycling.
•       Campus-wide we have been committed to recycling since the early 1990’s, reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill by at least 50%.
•       There is a Federal Work Study student dedicated to campus recycling.
•       Through our Maintenance Shop, we recycle appliances, steel, aluminum, and copper.

Wartburg is committed to reducing waste and using environmentally friendly products.
•       Wartburg faculty members have made the decision to move towards zero-waste in the classrooms by eliminating the use and need for handouts, etc.
•       A wireless computer connections have been installed in many of the classrooms to facilitate the faculty’s zero-waste initiative.
•       The Wartburg kitchen has begun to compost kitchen waste.
•       Housekeeping is committed to using “green” cleaning products.

Wartburg is committed to reducing energy consumption across campus:
•       IT has moved to switching off computers and monitors at the end of the workday – desktop computers are programmed to turn on and perform updates automatically prior to the workday
•       IT is transitioning to energy efficient flat screen LCD monitors

Wartburg is also a member of the Green Seminary Initiative.

Wartburg Theological Seminary
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