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Photo - Book Cover - CurrentsTwelve Pastoral Practices for the Life and Mission of the Church
by the Wartburg faculty, Currents, Volume 38, No. 5.


Practice of Being Rooted in the Gospel
S.D. Giere

Practice of Missio Dei in Word and Sacrament
Thomas H. Schattauer

Practice of Biblical and Theological Wisdom
Gwen B. Sayler

Practice of Ecclesial Partnership
Winston D. Persaud

Practice of Complex Analysis
Ann L. Fritschel

Practice of Curiosity
Daniel L. Olson

Practice of Pastoral Concern
Craig L. Nessan

Practice of Personal Faith and Integrity
Susan J. Ebertz

Practice of Collegiality
Norma Cook Everist

Practice of Evangelical Listening and Speaking the Faith to Others
Nathan C. P. Frambach

Practice of Immersion in the Context
Kristine M. Stache

Practice of Engagement with Cross-Cultural and Global Dimensions
Duane A. Priebe

Conclusion: And Now, Reflect and Give Thanks
Stanley N. Olson

Photo - Book Cover - The Difficult But Indespensable ChurchThe Difficult but Indispensable Church,
previously published by the Wartburg faculty is still available through Fortress Press.

A Study Guidefor use with the book is available. Click here for more information.


The easy accessibility of students to faculty members is one of the hallmarks of the Wartburg experience. Daily life at Wartburg places students and faculty into close proximity with one another through worship, fellowship and other events outside the classroom.

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