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Dr. Elizabeth A. Leeper

Dr. Elizabeth A. Leeper, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Church History

E-Mail: eleeper@wartburgseminary.edu
Office Number:   304 Fritschel Hall
Office Phone:   (563) 589-0304
Fax: (563) 589-0333 

Personal Website:

Photo - Beth Leeper
HT 104W Foundations of the Church
HT 106W Ages of Faith and Reform
HT 110W Comparative Reformations: 
Germany and England
HT 232W The Virgin and the Harlot
HT 330W Witches Abound:  The War
Against Women
HT 337W Wolves in Sheep's Clothing



Dr. Leeper has extensive knowledge in the following categories and is able to serve as a resource on:

  • Early Church History
  • Reformation History
  • Women in Christianity
Doctor of Philosophy
Duke University
Master of Sacred Theology
Virginia Theological Seminary
Bachelor of Arts
College of William and Mary
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