Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest
Austin, Texas

LSPSThe Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS) is a program of Wartburg Seminary and the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.  LSPS prepares leaders for Hispanic ministry contexts in the borderland of the Southwest and other cross-cultural ministries.

Theological education programs offered at LSPS have a strong focus on ministry as mission outreach in the multi-cultural contexts of the Southwest and other locations of transition. Students develop skills and sensitivity to serve in the midst of diversity, learn to adapt their ministry to the needs of the congregation, and they are prepared to address the changing cultural composition of the communities where they serve.

TEEM (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries)
The TEEM program provides alternative preparation for those who will provide pastoral ministry in emerging ministry contexts throughout the church. The TEEM program at LSPS is focused on preparing leaders for cross-cultural Hispanic ministries. Candidates for the TEEM program are nominated by their synods and approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The TEEM program consists of 3-4 days of intensive courses 4 times per year in Austin, TX while the student is immersed in ministry throughout the course of the program. To learn more click here.

For TEEM courses taught in Spanish, click here. // Para cursos de TEEM enseñados en Español, haga clic aquí.

Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry Intensive: May 24-29, 2015
The Summer Language and Hispanic Ministry Intensive is a resource for Lutherans and those of other denominations who recognize the growing need for competency in the Spanish language and an understanding of Hispanic culture in light of the increasing Hispanic population in this country and in the church. The course focuses on study of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Click here for more information and click here to register. [Note: There are no more single rooms and a limited number of shared rooms available.]

Building Congregational Capacity for Hispanic Ministry (Level II Intensive): June 7-12, 2015
This new Level II Intensive is designed for congregational leaders in those congregations where consideration is being given to starting Hispanic Ministry in their community. Teams from congregations are encouraged to attend. During this week teams will learn: 
-To increase capacity for doing Hispanic ministry
-To learn several models for engaging in Hispanic ministry in congregational settings
-To improve facility in Spanish language, especially liturgical Spanish
-To build a cohort of colleagues preparing for Hispanic ministry within their community
You need not have completed the Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry Language Intensive. Click here for more information and click here to register.

Hispanic Ministry Summer Term: May 24-July 1, 2015
The Hispanic Ministry Summer Term at the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS) is designed for ELCA seminary students to develop leadership skills in Hispanic Ministry and build a network of colleagues who share this commitment. The first week involves students in the LSPS Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry Intensive. Weeks 2 through 6 consist of a weekly seminar with Prof. Jay Alanis and several outstanding guest instructors and contextual education in teaching parishes where students engage in Hispanic ministry under the guidance of supervising pastors. Wartburg Theological Seminary will grant 6 Master of Divinity credits to students successfully completing the course, which are transferable to the student’s seminary. For more information and registration click here.

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