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Cert School centers around the stories,
as we listen to and learn from one another. In fact, we take listening so seriously that our curriculum is designed around this theme of story and the interweaving of our stories.

We, as individuals gifted by God, have been shaped by our own histories and journeys.  We call that MY STORY. Cert School hopes to both honor your story and challenge you to reflect on your calling, your ministry, and your daily habits.

By coming together and learning as a group we are able to listen and grow through the expression of others. We listen in our ministry contexts to the stories of our youth, their families, and friends.  YOUR STORY, in our curriculum, grows through the encounter with one another.

As children of God, we exist in relationship with one another and with all in God’s world.
OUR STORY is shaped by how we interact and live together in community and as community, locally and globally.

All of our stories, whether we realize it or not, are shaped by GOD’S STORY. God as creator, sustainer and savior is working throughout history, the present and the future, weaving all stories together.

mayYouth and family ministry requires new and innovative approaches. The Certification School is for adult leaders, volunteers, clergy, parents, youth and seminary students who have a passion for forming vibrant faith among young people. Our School begins with a 7-day intensive training experience that is supplemented by six weeks of reading assignments, online blogging sessions and webinars. The Certification School process ends with a 2-day peer ministry training experience and a closing ceremony that recognizes the completion of a comprehensive ministry plan and 130 hours of leadership development.  Every school provides an adventure experience, small group conversations, professional development assessments, and solid theological education with cutting-edge ministry basics. Participants learn about faith formation, family systems, team building, contemporary youth culture, strategic planning for congregational ministries, and build valuable networks for ongoing ministry support and learning.


Benefits . . . shared by participants from previous CERT schools!

  1. A Solid Plan and a Clear Vision – “My congregation loved that I came home with the year planned based on specific ministry outcomes!”
  2. Theological Grounding – “My ministry plan is grounded in research and solid theology.”
  3. Networking – “When I have a question I know who to turn to!”
  4. Revitalization – “I’ve got a heart for ministry, but my methods needed more punch, more edge, more passion. Cert school is giving me the insights, ideas and resources I need to succeed and more.”
  5. Professional – “I found that Certification School is universally recognized by churches. Certification in Youth and Family Ministry by Vibrant Faith Ministries and Wartburg Theological Seminary is one of the most valuable parts of a resume for pursuing a career in youth and family ministry.”

Upcoming Certification Schools:

January 7-14, 2015
Reunion dates: May 4-6, 2015
LaGrange, TX
Plus supplemental online courses

September 20-25, 2015
Wartburg Theological Seminary
Dubuque, IA
Plus supplemental online courses

For more information or to register for Certification School,
Contact Jim LaDoux at or 877-693-7196

Sponsored by Wartburg Theological Seminary and Vibrant Faith Ministries

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