2014 Financial Workshop for Clergy

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Designed for rostered leaders, spouses, and church treasurers

February 7, 2014
Roger Klosterman, CPA, PFS & CO.

klostermannThis workshop will focus on financial information for clergy as well as a discussion about stewardship opportunities for sharing the Wartburg Theological Seminary story. Clergy are treated differently under the tax code than virtually anybody else in the country.  They have advantages and disadvantages that no one else has.  Often, confusion exists concerning clergy compensation, deductions, and expenses.  Topics include:  What's New for 2014, Building your 2014 Salary Package, Employed vs. Self-Employed, Taxable Income, Income vs. Benefits, Housing/Appurtenance, Deduction vs. Exclusion, Accountable Reimbursement Plans, Allowance vs. Reimbursement, Professional Expenses, Social Security Tax, Record Keeping, Housing Equity Plans, and Fringe Benefit Plans.  This workshop is designed for rostered leaders, spouses, and church treasurers.


Cost is $10 which includes handouts. Students/Interns, and their spouses/partners, may attend for no charge, but still need to register.

For additional information, please contact the LifeLong Learners Office at 563-589-0302 or LifeLongLearners@wartburgseminary.edu

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 7:45 - 8:00am   Registration in Weiblen Commons
 8:00 - Noon    Financial Workshop--(with break for Chapel at 9:30)

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