Student Activities

Community life at Wartburg not only happens during daily worship and class time, but in the following organizations:

Wartburg Associated Students (WAS)
Students are organized to exercise their voice in matters of student concern and to help shape the environment at Wartburg. On the WAS council are Master of Divinity students from each class year, Master of Arts students, and international students. These people help to facilitate the flow of information between their constituencies and the WAS council.

The 3 standing committees of WAS are:

  • The Global Concerns Committee (GCC) affirms in its activities the value and interconnectedness of all peoples with the whole creation. It nurtures the concerns of the community by supporting and encouraging subcommittees that operate independently
  • The Social Activities Committee (SAC) is responsible for organizing special occasions for students, faculty/administration, and their families to enhance the quality of community life.
  • The Youth Activities Committee (YAC) provides activities and programs for seminary youth of all ages, advocates on behalf of the needs and concerns of these children of students, oversees the work of volunteers, and provides a setting for students to gain experience in youth work.

Fellowship of Wartburg Spouses (FWS)
FWS provides support, services, programs, and social activities for the male and female spouses of students. The fellowship gathers every other week to explore a facet of this purpose and holds Bible study the opposite weeks. The spectrum of FWS is broad and activities vary yearly according to interests. Each gathering is unique and important, including a spouse-only retreat.

Faculty-Student Groups
Faculty members are assigned 10-12 students each, for whom they are responsible as adviser, counselor and friend. Many groups, sometimes with spouses, meet socially with their faculty advisers.

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