Student Health Insurance

Seminarian health insurance coverage is mandatory for all full time students at all of the ELCA seminaries, thus all full time students are required to participate or provide proof of group coverage to waive the plan.  The plan is administered through EIIA.  United Healthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) is the insurance carrier and the pharmaceutical benefits will be provided through MEDCO.  Collectively, we look forward to working with all those that enroll in the plan.

Waive the plan—to waive the plan students must possess the following insurance:  Group coverage, state funded plans and individual health coverage with an annual deductible less than $4,000 qualify as primary insurance.  High Risk or individual policies with a deductible greater than $5,000 do not qualify.  Students will need to waive online at

Click here for an overview of plan information, coverage, and options.

Insurance Coverage
Please take the time to download and thoroughly review the plan’s Schedule of Medical Benefits.  Click here for the 2014-2015 Plan. Students must go online and enroll or waive the insurance.

For details on the coverage listed above visit the web sites: For listing of preferred providers and locations visit,   To locate a MedCo Pharmacy visit .

If you have any questions about the coverage and limitations, please contact Marion Hernandez ( , with EIIA, at 1(888) 260-7413 or Lisa Volini (, at (1-888-581-5460).

If you are in need of insurance for your dependents, please check out hawk-i. For more information, go to It may be more affordable for you and your family.

Preexisting Conditions
Medical expenses incurred as a result of treatment for a preexisting condition will be covered under the Seminarian Plan provided the student has been continuously insured under this policy and/or prior ELCA Seminarian's policy for a period of 12 months. If the student can show a Certificate of Continuous Coverage obtained from a previous health insurance carrier, the preexisting conditions provision is also waived.

All claims may be viewed through my Account at  Claim forms and insurance cards may be downloaded via My account.  Any claim questions may be directed through UHCSR through the website or 1-866-607-4427. File claim within 30 days of Injury or first treatment for a Sickness. Bills should be received by the company within 90 days of service. Bills submitted after one year will not be considered for payment except in the absence of legal capacity.

Other Benefits

United Health Allies Discount Services
Collegiate Assistance Program
       24/7 Nurseline
       Telephonic/Online Counseling
       Legal & Financial Services
Medical Evacuation/Repartriation Click here for Scholastic Emergency Service Brochure.

Click here for Student Health Zone PDF.

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