How Gifts Are Used

Gift Purposes


$ 8,550,000

Wartburg is recognized for its excellent scholarly and churchly committed faculty, as well as for its pioneering curriculum that is community-based and worship-centered. A well-developed mission statement is reviewed regularly and is sharply focused to meet the distinctive purposes of Wartburg Seminary in forming valued leaders for God's mission. Wartburg seeks to prepare leaders confident in 12 pastoral practices, the seminary's commitment to forming valued leaders.

$ 3,350,000

Wartburg's appealing main campus with state-of-the-art technology, geothermal heating and cooling and quality residences for students with or without families offers many naming opportunities. Naming opportunities perpetuate the memory of a loved one or bring honor to a special person. Naming gifts will be recognized with an appropriate notation for the area selected.


Wartburg's Endowment provides a solid foundation for the seminary's budget. Wartburg seeks to endow faculty positions in Bible; Youth, Culture and Mission; and Homiletics. Building the endowment offers many opportunities for perpetual support for core academic programs, scholarships, Wartburg's Centers and the International Student Program.


Planned gifts offer individuals the opportunity to significantly impact the seminary through a provision in one's will, by life insurance, life estate agreements or life income agreements. Planned gifts magnify their impact through investment and compounding while held by the donor.

TOTAL: $33,000,000

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