Gift Illustrator is a new tool that allows you to visualize the benefits of a planned gift while providing you with detailed calculations on different gift types, including gifts that pay you income, gifts you make today, and gifts that benefit Wartburg after your lifetime.

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Planned Giving
A planned gift to Wartburg Theological Seminary builds a strong foundation that will enable Wartburg Theological Seminary to continue preparing leaders for the Church for many future generations.  Legacy gifts ensure that Wartburg Theological Seminary will carry forward the high standards of theological education including the premier quality of faculty, the excellent facilities, equipment and resources for teaching and learning. A planned gift, by a donor or arranged through a donor’s estate, is an extension of their generosity and partnership in Wartburg’s mission during their lifetimes.
Planned Giving Opportunities

  1. A bequest. Make Wartburg Seminary a beneficiary in a new or revised will or add a codicil to an existing will.
  2. A future gift from an IRA, pension or other qualified plan. Name Wartburg Seminary as a beneficiary of such plans.
  3. A gift annuity agreement. Enter into an agreement with Wartburg Seminary for a charitable gift annuity or a deferred gift annuity to provide a life income for one or two lives.
  4. An insurance policy. Make Wartburg Seminary the sole or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy. You could also gift ownership of a policy to Wartburg for an immediate tax deduction.
  5. A trust. A charitable unitrust or annuity trust can benefit you, the donor today and the seminary in the future. A revocable trust arrangement can also benefit Wartburg Seminary in the future.
  6. A life estate. Make a gift to Wartburg Seminary of your home or farmland, retaining the use of the property during your lifetime.
The Tower Community
The Tower Community of Wartburg Theological Seminary is the legacy society that represents the commitment and investment of graduates and friends whose generosity provides a sure financial foundation for the seminary's continuing mission. Learn more. 

For more information about the Tower Community or making a planned gift for Wartburg Theological Seminary, please contact the Office of Mission Support at (563)589-0336 or

For more detailed information about planned giving opportunities, additional resources are available on the ELCA Foundation website.

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