Board of Directors

Rev. Liz Albertson        
LaCrosse Area Synod

Pastor, North Beaver Creek Lutheran Church
Representational status: Synod
Committee assignment: Academic Affairs

albertsonLiz Albertson graduated from Wartburg Theological Seminary in 2006. She currently serves as Pastor for North Beaver Creek Lutheran Church, residing in rural Ettrick, Wisconsin. Liz is a board member of the La Crosse Area Synod Lutheran Youth Organization and sits on the Synod Professional Care and Services Committee. In 2008, Liz held a seat on the Synod Task Force to elect a bishop. She participated in the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in 2000 through 2003 where she served at Hope House in Milwaukee, a settlement house and homeless shelter. Liz also served as Summer Staff at Camp EWALU from 1997 to 2000.

Liz was honored FTE Fellow in 2006, and has served on the Board of Directors for Wartburg Theological Seminary for two years.

What has serving on the WTS Board of Directors meant to Liz?
Serving on the Wartburg Seminary board has been exciting as I learn and take part in discussions about theological education methods like online learning and the TEEM program. It is also humbling to serve on the board for an institution that has so recently shaped my life and being–an institution for which I have so much love and regard. Lastly, it is heartbreaking to make difficult decisions that personally effect people I respect and care about and that change the way Wartburg was for me when I was a  student.

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