Inauguration and Installation
Inauguration of the Rev. Dr. Frank L. and Joyce S. Benz Chair in Scripture and Installation of the Rev. Dr. Ann Fritschel to the Benz Chair

Sunday, October 28, 2012
6:30pm Worship with Inauguration
Loehe Chapel

7:15pm Presentation
- The Rev. Dr. Ann Fritschel, First Holder of the Benz Chair in Scripture Fritschel Auditorium

The Rev. Dr. Frank L. and Joyce S. Benz Chair in Scripture
The Frank L. and Joyce S. Benz Endowed Chair in Scripture was established by the Benz family in recognition of the priority of Scripture in the life and mission of our Church and therefore the foundational role of Scripture study in Wartburg Seminary's preparation of leaders. The Benz Endowed Chair will be for the purpose of underwriting an Old Testament position in the faculty of Wartburg Theological Seminary. It is an expression of thanksgiving and hope that the ministries of Jesus Christ will be strengthened through Wartburg Theological Seminary in its preparation of women and men to preach and teach the Gospel. The Benz Chair in Scripture is also an expression of deep appreciation for the thirty-three year teaching ministry of Dr. Frank L. Benz as Professor of Old Testament Theology at Wartburg Seminary. His ministry touched the lives and helped shape the theology of over 1,300 students. The late Joyce Benz was also known for her commitment to the church and theological education through her presence and participation in the Wartburg community. This endowed chair is funded through current and planned gifts of the Benz family, many former students, and friends. It is the hope and prayer that The Frank L. and Joyce S. Benz Endowed Chair in Scripture will be a continual blessing to Wartburg Theological Seminary and the students preparing for the ministry who will benefit from it.

The Rev. Dr. Frank L. and Joyce S. Benz Chair in Scripture
Professor Ann Fritschel, a Wartburg Seminary graduate, celebrated her 25th anniversary of ordination in 2011. After serving churches in Dickinson, Mohall and Hamerly N.D., she received her PhD from Emory University and joined the Wartburg Faculty in 1996. With a strong interest in rural ministry, she also serves as the Director of the Center for Theology and Land at Wartburg Seminary. Her passion as an instructor is to help students gain their own voices as biblical interpreters and discover ways to proclaim the Gospel creatively in today's challenging and changing contexts. Dr. Fritschel is a descendant of Gottfried Fritschel, one of the founders of Wartburg Seminary.

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