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Internet Resources

Web Guides:

  • Religious Studies Web Guide:  This web site focuses on free internet resources of use to researchers involved in the academic study of religion.
  • Wabash Center Internet Guide:  is a selective, annotated guide to a wide variety of electronic resources of interest to those who are involved in the study and practice of religion: syllabi, electronic texts, electronic journals, websites, bibliographies, listserv discussion groups, liturgies, reference resources, software and much more.

Full-text sites:

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library:  Classic Christian books in electronic format.
  • Codices Electronici Sangallenses: (Digital Abbey Library of St. Gallen) Scanned copies of one of the largest Medieval libraries still in existance. It is a colorful and varied collection.
  • Global Digital Library of Ethics: An online repository of journals and submitted articles on the subject of applied ethics.  Users can also submit their own works to the site for digital publication.
  • Google Books:  Search inside books with full text availble for many items.
  • Hathi Trust: Digital library
  • Internet Archive: A large digitial library of free books, movies, and music for public, free access.
  • Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts:  A site dedicated to the study of illuminated manuscripts.  Contains both information on the manuscripts and scans of the manuscripts themselves.  Can be browsed in English, French, or German.
  • New Advent:  Contains links to the Catholic Encyclopedia and Summa Theologica, among others.
  • Online Books at UPenn:  Full text on over 25,000 books.
  • The Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project:  Project that analyzes religious change and its impact on societies around the world through examining patterns in religious beliefs and practices, trends in religious affiliations, and restrictions to religious freedom.  A variety of reports are presented on different topics.
  • Pitts Theology Library: Digital Image Archive  This Digital Image Archive presents more than 37,000 images of biblical illustrations, portraits of religious leaders, printers' devices, engravings of church buildings, and other theological topics.
  • The Post-Reformation Digital Library    "is a collection of resources relating to the development of theology during the Post-Reformation/early modern era (ca. 16th-18th c.), hosted by the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary."
  • Process & Faith Lectionary Commentary: Commentaries on the lectionary, some written by our very own David Lull. Some liturgical and preaching resources are also available.
  • Project Gutenberg:  Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of free electronic books. It now includes more than 6,000 eBooks.
  • Religion Online:  Religion Online contains more than 5,200 full-text articles and chapters. Topics include Old and New Testament, Theology, Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion, Communication and Cultural Studies, Pastoral Care, Counseling, Homiletics, Worship, Missions and Religious Education.
  • Sacred Text Archive:  Archive of online texts religion, mythology and folklore by topic, including everything from African religions to Zoroastrianism.  Christian texts include such works as The Confessions of Saint Augustine and The Gospel of Thomas.
  • University of Pittsburgh Press E-Books:  Digital representations of monographs published by the University of Pittsburg Press that are freely provided for scholarly, educational and research use.
  • Woodstock Letters:  Digital collection from the St. Louis University Libraries of letters of the Jesuit Society for Jesus about their work in colleges and missions in North and South America from 1872-1969.

Lutheran resources:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:  is the official website of the denomination and has resources for a variety of areas.
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada:  This site includes links for research on Worship and Liturgy. Click on "Worship" then on "Links for Scholars."
  • Index Verborum:  indexes some of the German writings of Martin Luther.
  • Journal of Lutheran Ethics From the ELCA: a free, bi-monthly online publication living out the Lutheran tradition of addressing social issues theologically, using the resources of historical, theological, and ethical tradition, biblical interpretation, and social sciences.
  • Journal For Christian Theological Research A publication out of Luther Seminary. This journal is no longer in publication, but archived articles can be found here.
  • Lutheran Higher Education Directory:  This site in the on-line directory of Lutheran Higher Education.  It is updated continuously, so it has the most up to date information on contacting institutions and individuals.
  • Spanish Language Resources: This site provides resources for spanish churches in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • Word & World From their website: "Word & World is a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary, that is meant for readers who are concerned for Christian ministry in and to the world. The journal seeks to relate the word of God to the contemporary world and to relate theology to Christian ministry."

Journals: From Other Denominations and Ecumenical

  • The Anglican Journal The Anglican Journal is the national news magazine of the Anglican Church of Canada. This is an excellent source of information and news about the Anglican church and other denominations througout the world.
  • ATLA:   Free online theological journals.
  • Christian Ethics Today An ecumenical journal that focuses on ethical issues for the church in the world today.
  • Christian History Magazine A publication of Christian History Institute, presents church history for scholar and lay person alike.
  • First Things From their website: "First Things is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society."
  • Google Scholar:  A search tool to find relevant scholary publications.The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion attempts to assemble the best voices and insights from communities of color, promoting interdisciplinary and innovative investigation, and embracing new technologies of dissemination and empowerment.
  • Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Focuses on peace and is shaped by the Society of Friends, the Church of the Brethren and the Mennonite Church.
  • Journal of Theological Studies A publication of Oxford University Press. From their website: "Founded in 1899, The Journal of Theological Studies crosses the entire range of theological research, scholarship and interpretation. Ancient and modern texts, inscriptions, and documents that have not before appeared in type are also reproduced."
  • Theological Journals Search:  Search full-text free theological journals.
  • Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Social Justice From the Presbyterian Church (USA): An online jour­nal and com­mu­nity that exam­ines, expresses, and pro­vokes social jus­tice as inspired by the prophetic gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Aramaic Lexicon:  a comprehensive resource on the Aramaic language.
  • Biblical and Theological Abbreviations: A searchable list of various abbreviations used in the fields of biblical studies and theology based on the SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) Handbook of Style.
  • Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia:  This monumental work, with approximately 2800 entries written by 215 scholars, covers treasures of Coptic language and literature; Copto-Arabic literature; Coptic art, architecture, archaeology, history, music, liturgy, theology, spirituality, monasticism; and biblical, apocryphal, social, and legal texts.
  • Digial Public Library of America: A free site containing information from America's libraries, archives, and museum resources.
  • Ecole Initiative:  a hypertext encyclopedia of Early Church History.
  • Google News Archives:  Search news archives dating back over 200 years.
  • Google Ngram Viewer: A tool used to graph phrase and word trends across hundreds of years of publishing history, utilizing a collection of nearly 5.4 million texts. For more information click here.
  • Intute: A website providing free access to various resources pertaining to religion and theology. This link takes you to the religion and theology site, but other topics are available for research as well.
  • LibraryThing: Catalog your personal library using information from the Library of Congress and Amazon and get access to recommendations for reading.
  • Review of Biblical Literature Founded by the Society of Biblical Literature, this site presents reviews of books in biblical studies and related fields. RBL is comprehensive, international, and timely.
  • State Library of Iowa Online Database: a handy list of State of Iowa - Online Databases.
  • Time Magazine Archives: Search archives of covers, articles and excerpts from articles dating back to 1923.
  •  Resources in a library near you! 

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