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Connections: Faith and Life

Connections is a Resource For:

  • A small group ministry
  • A Sunday morning adult group
  • Adults who want to re-visit the catechisms in lifelong learning
  • A new-member class
  • Confirmation ministry mentors
  • A retreat setting
  • A hybrid face-to-face and on-line group
  • Parents of youth confirmands
  • A cluster of congregations, Lutheran or ecumenical
  • A neighborhood group
  • A workplace setting
Norma Cook Everist
Nelvin Vos

This resource includes an Introduction, four units of six sessions each and a leader guide for each unit.

Unit One: Living Faithfully (The Ten Commandments)
Unit Two: Living Confidently (The Apostles' Creed)
Unit Three: Living Spiritually (The Lord's Prayer)
Unit Four: Living Freely (The Sacraments)

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Connections is a visit to the worlds God is creating and redeeming today: homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and places of recreation and volunteer activity. The goals of this experiential learning resource are to help participants meet God in their everyday lives:

  • See their worlds as God's creation.
  • Recognize Christ's redemption in their lives.
  • Discover that they are already in ministry.
  • Be nurtured in their skills and gifts for ministry.
  • Live out the call of their Baptism in their daily lives.
  • Share their faith and life connections so that they can support one another.
  • Be accountable in their callings to God and to one another.

The creating, redeeming and life-giving God continues graciously to reach out to us. Learning together is making a connection between Martin Luther's catechetical "What does this mean?" of God's Word and the "What in the world does this mean?" of our own lives. That intersection is the place for dynamic learning.

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