GENESIS Lay Ministry Course (March 2014, as PowerPoint .ppt and .pptx documents)

    Week 1, Part 1

    Week 1, Part 2

    Week 2, Parts 1 and 2

    Dare to be Disciples - Abe and Sarah

    Dare to be Disciples - Jacob/Leah and Rachel

    Genesis: The Joseph Stories

Theology of the Prairies (Camp of the Cross, 2012, as PowerPoint .pptx documents)

    Session 1

    Session 2

    Session 3

    Session 4

Zion Adult VBS

    Monday's material

    Tuesday's material

    Wednesday's material

    Thursday's material

    Friday's material

Women of the ELCA Lectures (May 21-22, 2008, Dubuque, Iowa)

    Introduction to the Wisdom Stories

    Wisdom Story #1: Ruth

    Daniel 1-2

    Daniel 3-4


Winter Semester (January-May)

    PowerPoint Slides 1-20

    PowerPoint Slides 21-45

    PowerPoint Slides 46-61

    PowerPoint Slides 62-72

    PowerPoint Slides 73-85

    PowerPoint Slides 86-96

    PowerPoint Slides 97-111

    PowerPoint Slides 112-124

Fall Semester (September-December)

    Intro through Jeremiah

    2nd and 3rd Isaiah

    The Writings