President’s Message

A Letter from President Louise N. Johnson

O God, beyond all praising, we worship you today
and sing the love amazing that songs cannot repay;
for we can only wonder at every gift you send,
at blessings without number and mercies without end:
we lift our hearts before you and wait upon your word,
we honor and adore you, our great and mighty Lord.
ELW, 880, O God Beyond All Praising, verse 1

As the evening shadows appeared, we gathered in the quad to begin the 163rd year of mission at Wartburg Theological Seminary.  We were surrounded by the beauty of the castle – now 100 years old –  and gathered around the font.  We welcomed, prayed for, and blessed our community –  students who return to continue their faithful preparation, faculty and staff who are the steady heartbeat, family members who lend support and love, and a new crop of amazing students.  As Dean for Vocation, the Rev. Amy Current, read the names of the new students, we were filled with gratitude to God for sisters and brothers in Christ who have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit, sisters and brothers whose names and nationalities are a clearer representation of the fullness of the body of Christ, sisters and brothers who join us now in this 163rd year of living our mission.

As we begin a new academic year, we give thanks to God, not only for new students, but also for you, our friends and supporters, with whom we could not do this work.  Through your gifts YOU have made this mission possible.  YOU have given our students the opportunity to live their calling.  YOU are providing the church with leaders that the world so desperately needs.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the “blessings without number” we see in new students and in our donors and friends who dig deeply and support this important work we do together.  Thank you!

In Christ’s name and service,
Louise Johnson Signature

Rev. Louise N. Johnson