Student Information About Purchasing Textbooks:

How do I know what books to buy for a course?

Start with our Wartburg Virtual Textbook Store. Find the textbooks for a particular course by following the categories under “Browse by Category” on the rightside of the webpage. Courses are arranged numerically by the semester they are being taught, or under the category of course in the case of online and TEEM courses. To the extent possible, the information on our store is arranged to be as complete and explanatory as possible in identifying the needed textbooks for each course. Please note that some courses have additional category links to “recommended” or “other” books that you should also look at.

If you are still confused on what textbooks and other items you need for a course, the registrar will maintain a document for each semester that lists all the items needed for all the courses in that term. You can find that document each time on the seminary Registrar’s course schedule webpage.

What is a “Course Reader” and how do I get one?

A “course reader” is a collection of articles and excerpts pulled together by the instructor for a particular course. They contain material for which we have received specific permission from copyright holders to reproduce just for a particular course and the number of students registered. Course readers are sold only on campus through our “store” to students registered in a course. They are priced to recoup only the cost of production, which includes fees we’ve had to pay to copyright holders of the material we are using. The seminary makes no profit on course readers. And due to their particular nature of containing copyrighted material, we cannot sell them to the public or sell them through Amazon.

How do I purchase other books and ensure that Wartburg receives credit from Amazon?

Once you are in the Wartburg Virtual Textbook Store you may add your required course books to your cart or any other book listed and then when you are ready to checkout you will be taken to the Amazon website to checkout.  At this point any additional items that you add to your Amazon cart will be benefit Wartburg.

If you do not need to purchase textbooks from the Wartburg Virtual Textbook Store click here and use the search link.  For more information or questions regarding the textbook requirements please contact the registrar at