Center for Youth Ministries (CYM)

Youth and family ministry requires new and innovative approaches. The mission of the Center for Youth Ministries (CYM) is to motivate, prepare, network, and provide support to professional lay ministers, lay volunteers, clergy, parents, youth, and seminary students in forming Christ’s ministry with youth and families.

CYM is unique in that it serves both the academic goals of Wartburg Theological Seminary (WTS) and the needs of congregations, specialized ministry settings, mid-level judicatories, and national church bodies.  CYM grounds its work with congregations; training, equipping, and supporting ministry to and with youth and families with cutting edge research. WTS faculty serve as teaching partners for the various training opportunities we offer.

Concentration in Youth, Culture, and Mission
For more information, contact Dr. Nathan Frambach, Professor of Pastoral Theology

Youth and Family Ministry Certificate Program
For more information, contact Dr. Kristine Stache, Associate Professor of Missional Leadership and
Director of Learning for Life