Concentration in Youth, Culture, and Mission (YCM)

For all three of its Masters degrees (Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and Master of Arts in Diaconal Ministry, Wartburg offers the option of a Concentration in Youth, Culture, and Mission (YCM). This concentration serves as academic preparation for service in the church in youth and family ministry. It locates youth and family ministry within the larger context of the cultures of youth and the mission of the Christian gospel.

The student takes 15 hours directly related to the concentration. These hours are incorporated into the regular curriculum.

Required courses: 5 credit hours (For the MDiv degree, these are all courses already required for the degree; for the MA and MA in Diaconal Ministry degree, these are additional courses the student will need to take)
– MN 160W Seen and Heard
– IN 206W Theology of the Congregation
– MN 250W Educational Ministry

YCM Project (IN 303W): 3 credit hours

Electives: 7 credit hours

Concentration electives are selected from a variety of courses offered every semester specifically related to the concentration. The student also has the option of adapting other courses to meet concentration objectives in consultation with the instructor. A research seminar (IN 300W) is available in the fall semester and receives one credit hour. Normally, the January interim of the last year is devoted to three credit hours of independent study for the integrative project. This concentration can be accomplished within the regular four years of the MDiv degree program; however, in order to accomplish this within this time period, students will need to map out a course of study with their advisor during their first semester of study, or plan on adding an additional semester to the length of their program. M.A. students in the concentration are encouraged to take MN 106W Foundations of Christian Worship, MN 350W Church Administration and Mission, and a pastoral care course to meet the M.A. ministry distribution requirement.

For further information on the Concentration in Youth, Culture, and Mission, please contact the admissions office.