Master of Divinity Collaborative Learning (MDiv CL)

Wartburg Seminary launched a new program in the Fall of 2016 that meets the needs of the church for leadership formation through collaborative partnership between students, congregations, ELCA Synods, and the seminary.  Features of the MDiv Collaborative Learning Program include:

  • Learn. Lead. Serve. Unlike most theological education, students serve in a congregation or other ministry ALL four years while also taking courses online to complete the Master of Divinity degree.  Serving in ministry from the first day of seminary focuses learning which is integrated with course curriculum and content.  This creates a dynamic action-reflection based learning experience. It is recommended that students in this program serve part-time in ministry and engage in full-time coursework.
  • Reduces the need for educational student loan borrowing. In addition to being compensated for part-time ministry service, sponsoring synods, congregations or other ministries, and the seminary work together to support the student and reduce the need for students to take on significant educational debt.  Students often accumulate debt due to living costs rather than tuition.  By providing employment and health insurance this relieves a significant financial burden on the student.
  • Real-time classroom participation. Using new classroom technology, students will participate in courses from their computer, as if they are sitting in the classroom, – engaging in conversation, asking questions, and sharing insights gained from the work they are simultaneously performing in a congregation or other organization.
  • Visit campus two times per year. No need to move to Wartburg Seminary’s campus in Dubuque, Iowa.  Instead, students will participate in one-week intensives at the beginning of each semester with classmates and faculty to build community which is a core element of Wartburg Seminary’s formation process.
  • Learning sites provide pastoral leadership in congregations. Sites may include congregations where there is currently no pastoral leadership where students will serve as a synodically authorized minister or larger multi-staff congregations where the student will serve alongside other pastoral staff.

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