International Students

The Wartburg Theological Seminary community eagerly welcomes international students each year. We are a seminary committed to formation in community equipping and sending leaders out into God’s church for the sake of the Gospel.  The Seminary community learns, partners, and prays with our global church partners, partner seminaries, and for, many students and alumni – now international church leaders – who have been formed and nurtured at Wartburg Seminary throughout the years. We are blessed by global perspective, rich cross cultural formation, and passion for the Gospel translated in a variety of global contexts.  Thanks be to God.

We encourage you to consider joining us for a year of study or to complete a Master of Arts degree. This school is authorized under feral law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Lutheran Students Apply through the International Leadership Development Program
Wartburg Theological Seminary partners with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Global Mission Unit and companion churches to support potential leaders through the  International Leadership Development Program. If you are interested in applying, please contact the Bishop of your national church or the ELCA International Leadership Development Program Director,  The application is due by October 15, in the year prior to intended enrollment. Entrance requirements will be provided with the application.

International Student Exchange Programs
Wartburg Theological Seminary celebrates partnerships and student exchanges with Augustana Hochschule in Germany, MF Norwegian School of Theology in Norway, and the Lutheran Church in Guyana.

Please apply, with the support of your seminary or national church. Applications will be received at any time in the year prior to attendance, please leave ample time for VISA and travel arrangements.

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