Scholarships and Grants


Wartburg is blessed with a sizable endowment built by faithful donors over the course of many years. Interest from this endowment is used for need-based grants that are awarded based on financial aid eligibility.

Renewable Scholarships

Students are selected for renewable scholarships (from 1/4 to full tuition) based on passion for ministry, along with past academic performance, application materials, references and proven leadership.

  • Wilhelm Loehe Leadership Award
    • For students coming from Wartburg College to Wartburg Seminary who exemplify servant leadership.
  • Faith and Life Leadership Award
    • For students coming from Luther College to Wartburg Seminary who exemplify faithful integration between faith and life.
  • Church College Leadership Award
    • For students who have exhibited creative missional leadership within their college setting.
  • Rural Ministry Leadership Award
    • For students who demonstrate a commitment to rural ministry.
  • Grossman Tower Leadership Award
    • For students who demonstrate creative leadership potential for ministry in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  • Campus Ministry Leadership Award
    • For students who have provided leadership on their college campuses through campus ministries.
  • Outdoor Ministry Leadership Award
    • For students who have contributed to the advancement of mission in an outdoor ministry setting.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Through the generous giving of faithful people, our church is able to subsidize the cost of theological education at all ELCA seminaries. Recognizing the growing gap between the rising costs of theological education and the income potential of church leaders, the ELCA has established the Fund for Leaders in Mission (FLM), the goal of which is to provide full-tuition scholarships for every seminary student. At this time, FLM invites Wartburg Seminary to nominate a small number of incoming students, with demonstrated academic and leadership abilities, for full-tuition scholarships each year.

Mission Support

In addition to regularly seeking funds for scholarships, endowments, and raising funds to support the overall cost of theological education, Wartburg’s Office of Mission Support works wtih you to invite your home congregation and other organizations or individuals to financially support you during your seminary years.

Congregations and Synods

Often a congregation or synod with which a student is affiliated will offer financial assistance. It is important for you to talk with your pastor, congregational council, and synod candidacy committee about what financial assistance they are able to offer.

Scholarships and Grants

The Financial Aid Office has information on a number of other scholarship resources offered by congregations, foundations, trusts, and organizations. Here is the most recent list of outside scholarships from the Financial Aid Office. You may also search for scholarships by going to the Fund for Theological Education Fund Finder.