The Wartburg Theological Seminary Financial Aid Office is dedicated to assisting you in funding your seminary education. We are committed to assisting, advocating for, and accompanying students as you steward financial resources and support throughout seminary. Education is an investment and moreso, you are considering a call to serve the church. At Wartburg Theological Seminary, the funding of your seminary education is a collaborative effort where you, the student, partner with the Financial Aid office, Mission Support, Admissions, and a variety of other partners (congregations, synods, scholarships, and the ELCA) to steward your seminary journey.


Seminarian health insurance coverage is mandatory for all full time students at all of the ELCA seminaries, thus all full time students are required to participate or provide proof of group coverage to waive the plan.  The plan is administered through EIIA.  United Healthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) is theinsurance carrier and the pharmaceutical benefits will be provided through MEDCO.  Collectively, we look forward to working with all those that enroll in the plan.


Wartburg Theological Seminary forms valued leaders for God’s mission through a worship – centered community of critical theological reflection where learning leads to mission and mission informs learning. We believe that this formation happens in a whole variety of ways and providing tools and resources for financial wellness and stewardship formation is part of our mission.