Support from individuals, congregations, foundations, and others is critical to Wartburg Theological Seminary continued mission.  Through your gifts you are partners in the formation of valued leaders for God’s mission.

There are several opportunities available to you to help Wartburg while gaining tax and income benefits for yourself.  Consider the following options for making a gift::

  • Cash:Cash gifts are the most common and may be promised over a four-year period.  A promise often enables you as a donor to contribute a larger gift if it is spread over a longer period of time.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer:  Take advantage of this cost-effective, paperless method of giving.  There are many options to choose from for your convenience.
  • Stocks and Bonds:Stocks, bonds, or other forms of securities that have appreciated in value are the next most common form of gift.  The tax advantages to the individual make them highly attractive.  Money market funds also make excellent gifts.
  • Real Estate:A gift of real estate is another convenient way to contribute.  If you are hesitating to sell some real estate due to potential large capital gains taxes, you may transfer the property to Wartburg Theological Seminary and derive substantial benefits.
  • Life Insurance:This may provide an easy way to make a substantial gift.  You may be one of the fortunate people whose life insurance policy has outlived its original purpose.  A policy can be assigned to Wartburg Theological Seminary whether it is paid up, partially paid up, or is a new policy.
  • Gifts Through Your Will:While current gifts are needed, you are not limited to this form of giving.  By making a bequest to Wartburg Theological Seminary in your Will, you can help ensure the future of quality education at Wartburg.  Or, you may consider leaving your assets in Trust, assigning the income to one or two beneficiaries and the Trust principal to Wartburg Seminary.
  • Matching Gift Companies:Many employers have matching gift programs that increase the value of their employees, retirees and directors gifts to non-profit organizations. Many companies match gifts 1:1 while others match all or part of a gift. Some companies also match spouse and family gifts. Check with your company’s Human Resources Office to learn if your employer offers a matching gift program. Your gift may have double the impact for Wartburg Theological Seminary.
  • Other Forms of Giving:These include life income plans and trusts, family business gifts, and commemorative or memorial gifts.  There are a variety of plans that can bring immediate benefits to you.  We urge you to consult your own legal or financial counsel to determine which plan is best for you.  Appropriately, you will be able to receive the maximum benefit for your objectives, while supporting Wartburg Seminary at the same time.
  • For more information about making a gift to Wartburg Theological Seminary please contact the Office of Mission Support at (563) 589-0336 or