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2018 Rural Ministry Conference – Cooperating Congregations in Ministry

Breakout Sessions

“Enriching Worship and Music in Small Member Congregations”
Rollie Martinson

Drawing on a study of worship and music in small member congregations on the upper plains, presenters and participants will reflect on the faithfulness and effectiveness of
worship and music practices in these churches all of whom are facing daunting challenges.
Participants will learn how better to develop worship practices for small numbers,
identify intergenerational music leadership in the community, and, build on the strengths and opportunities present in small member, rural churches.

“Going Deeper with the Speaker “
Marcia Kifer

This breakout session allows participants to explore topics raised in the plenary in further detail, ask questions, share experiences, and continue the conversation around cooperating

“Creative Innovation”
Mark Yackel-Juleen

This session features creative innovations that small town and rural congregations are implementing in their communities. The goal is to stimulate pastors and laity to think about what might be possible in their places and congregations.

“Cooperating Parishes”
Mark Yackel-Juleen

This breakout session is an opportunity for those involved multiple point parishes and cooperative parishes to network, share stories and resources and offer mutual support.

“Knowing Your Story and Its Worth: The Importance of Rootedness in Modern Rural Evangelism”
Dean Safe

This breakout will explore the importance of history and story in rural contexts – primarily those of how rural congregations embody Gospel ministry – and how getting to the heart of this relational ministry is the bedrock of evangelistic work in the changing landscape of 2018’s rural congregation.

“Freeze Plays”
Elan Hacker

Freeze plays were developed for busy
people on a small budget. They can be done with either no or very limited practice sessions. Attendees will learn how to offer memorable, meaningful content to multiple size and age groups. They will also receive free Freeze Plays used with children’s groups, women’s retreats, church services, Good Friday’s and Christmas Eve, plus the skills for how to write their own!