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2016 Rural Ministry Conference WORKSHOPS

Going Deeper with the SpeakerVal Farmer

Help! I’m Buried in My StuffAmy Larson

Let’s get real about our stuff, both mental and physical.  We will discover how to become aware of lies, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk as well as how to capture, redirect and replace thoughts.  There will also be tips for physical decluttering.

Landscape Listening – Martha Brunell

In our rural and small town contexts, the created world is often close at hand.  Within the particular breath of creation where we are grounded, we can experience what Celtic Christians referred to as the second book of scripture, the one in which we walk.  There we can discover sacred space, spiritual companionship and mentoring, openings into the sense of God with us, moments of praise and awe, patterns for liturgy, and rhythms of prayer.

Differentiated Leadership in the Midst of Change and Conflict – Carol Stufflebeam

The world around us is in constant change. In this workshop we will briefly look at some of the history of change in our country and how that has had an impact upon the life of the church.  Cultural changes and other issues of conflict can produce tension and division in the church. We recognize that our response affects the church as a whole. Leadership is a key element in helping the church not only maneuver difficult times but to journey forward to serve Christ. One style of leading is differentiated leadership. We will address some key elements of this style of leading.

Conflict Resolution – We Can’t Get Along Without It –  A Series of 3 Workshops – Elan Hacker

Workshop I

Conflict: Who needs it!
What to do with it and how it can even be a good thing!
Conflict resolution Skills: Deep listening, helping people “speak themselves present” (facilitating self-assurance and continued involvement) Creating spaces for healthy interaction, Learning how different people perceive and respond to conflict

Workshop II

Conflict: Everybody’s Got It!
Where two or more are gathered together…
Conflict Resolution Skills: Honoring the Other, Dissecting a conflict: How to, and why we need to, Avoiding avoidance

Workshop III

Conflict: Not just Fight or Flight
Fellowship is still an option!
Conflict Resolution Skills: Interaction versus reaction, Reclaiming/renaming shame