Rev. Dr. Norma Cook Everist

Professor of Church Administration & Educational Ministry, Distinguished Faculty Fellow

Office Number:
203 Fritschel Hall
Office Phone:
(563) 589-0223
(563) 589-0333


  • Faculty


MN 350W
Church Administration and Mission
MN 358W
Church Conflict and Collaborative Leadership
MN 301W
Connecting Faith, Culture and Daily Life
MN 157W 2
Diaconal Ministry: Compassion and Justice
IN 323W 2
Diaconal Ministry: Servant Leadership
MN 250W
Educational Ministry
IN 142W
Formation for Discipleship: Vocation, Witness, and Ministry
MN 368W 2
Gender, Power, and Leadership
MN 380W 2
Theological Reflection in Ministry


Doctor of Philosophy
University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology

Master of Divinity
Yale Divinity School

Master of Arts in Religion
Concordia Seminary

Bachelor of Arts
Valparaiso University

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Dr. Norma Cook Everist, having taught at Wartburg for many years, helps foster a community atmosphere of shared power and partnership that builds on the gifts and insights of all, which in turn enhances learning for leadership in the church and in the world. She previously taught at Yale Divinity School. She is a widely known lecturer and columnist across the country and the author of numerous books, chapters in books, articles and educational resources. Her most recent titles include Seventy Images of Grace in the Epistles that Make all the Difference in Daily Life (Cascade) and Transforming Leadership, co-authored with Craig Nessan (Fortress). She co-authored with Nelvin Vos. Connections: Faith and Life a four-unit experiential adult education resource using Luther’s Large Catechism. She has prepared “Grace and Peace to You,” a Yearlong Devotional Journey though the Epistles. Both of these are available on the Wartburg website under “Resources” for people to download, print and use.

She has served nationally and internationally on many task forces and committees in the areas of ministry, leadership, theological education, gender studies, and ministry in daily life. She is faculty editor for The Persistent Voice, a networking newsletter. She enjoys visiting congregations and church agencies where Wartburg graduates serve. Her book, Open the Doors and See All the People, (recently reprinted by Wipf and Stock) is about these visits. She communicates on her blog, “Conversations on the Church’s Vocation in the Public World.” Everist is a deaconess and an ordained ELCA pastor.


Open the Doors and See All the People. (Reprint) Cascade, Wipf and Stock, 2016
Seventy Images of Grace in the Epistles that Make All the Difference in Daily Life. Cascade, Wipf and Stock, 2015
Transforming Leadership.(with Craig Nessan) Fortress, 2008
Christian Education as Evangelism, ed. Fortress, 2007
Open the Doors and See All the People: Stories of Congregational Identity and Vocation. Augsburg Fortress, 2005
Church Conflict: From Contention to Collaboration. Abingdon, 2004
The Church as Learning Community. Abingdon, 2002
The Difficult But Indispensable Church, ed. Fortress, 2002
Ordinary Ministry: Extraordinary Challenge, ed. Abingdon, 2000
Connections: Faith and Life (with Nelvin Vos). Chicago: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1997
Where in the World Are You? Connecting Faith and Daily Life. The Alban Institute, 1996
Gentle Strength: Homilies and Hymns of Ralph F. Smith (compiler and editor). Wartburg Theological Seminary, 1995
Since You Asked (with Burton Everist). Augsburg, 1989
Education Ministry in the Congregation. Augsburg, 1983
[For a list of published chapters in books, articles, and other resources, click on Prof. Everist’s “Curriculum Vita” link under her Education]


Dr. Everist has extensive knowledge in the following categories and is able to serve as a resource on:

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Educational Ministry and Methods
  • Church Conflict
  • American Civil Religion
  • Ministry in daily life
  • Power, authority, and leadership
  • Partnership of Women and Men