Preparing Mission Developers/Re-developers

Wartburg Theological Seminary (WTS) is a worship-centered community of critical theological reflection where learning leads to mission and mission informs learning. This legacy stretches back throughout the history of the school where “church planting” has been integral to our very identity and purpose. The curriculum of WTS has been designed intentionally to prepare “every graduate as a missionary.” This continues to remain our focus as we prepare missional leaders for the 21st century.

Dr Kristine Stache, Professor of Missional Leadership at Wartburg Seminary, will facilitate regular, ongoing stewardship of those who are selected through the ELCA screening process for the ELCA missiondevelopment track. Prof. Stache will work in tandem with the Rev. Amy Current, the seminary’s Dean for Vocation, in facilitating all matters related to scholarships and eventual assignment for these candidates.

Towards Mission Development – Curriculum Chart
Twelve Pastoral Practices