Susan Ebertz

Susan Ebertz

Director of the Reu Memorial Library, Associate Professor of Bibliography & Academic Research(563) 589-0265

Rev. Dr. Norma Cook Everist

Distinguished Professor of Church and Ministry, emerita

Rev. Dr. Nathan C.P. Frambach

Professor of Pastoral Theology & Director of the Center for Youth Ministries(563) 589-0311

Rev. Dr. Ann L. Fritschel

Professor of Hebrew Bible, The Rev. Dr. Frank L. & Joyce S. Benz Professor in Scripture, Director of the Center for Theology and Land(563) 589-0308

Rev. Dr. Samuel Giere

Associate Professor of Homiletics & Biblical Interpretation(563) 589-0225

Rev. Dr. Martin J. Lohrmann

Assistant Professor of Lutheran Confessions & Heritage(563) 589-0305

Rev. Dr. David J. Lull

Professor of New Testament, Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Craig L. Nessan

Academic Dean & Professor of Contextual Theology and Ethics, The William D. Streng Professor for the Education and Renewal of the Church(563) 589-0207

Rev. Dr. Winston Persaud

Professor of Systematic Theology, The Kent S. Knutson & UELC Professor in Theology & Mission Director of the Center for Global Theologies(563) 589-0306

Rev. Dr. Duane A. Priebe

Professor of Systematic Theology; Kent S. Knutson Fellow in Theology(563) 589-0206

Rev. Dr. Gwen Sayler

Professor of Bible, The William A. & John E. Wagner Professor of Biblical Theology, Director of Lifelong Learning(563) 589-0302

Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Schattauer

Professor of Liturgics and Dean of the Chapel(563) 589-0224

Dr. Kristine Stache

Associate Professor of Missional Leadership, Loehe Professor in Mission, Director of Innovative Initiatives (563) 589-0341

Rev. Dr. Troy M. Troftgruben

Assistant Professor of New Testament(563) 589-0303

Rev. Dr. Javier (Jay) Alanis

Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS; Austin, TX): Executive Director & Associate Professor of Theology, Culture and Mission(512) 477-2666

Rev. Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen

Director for Small Town and Rural Ministry, Center for Theology and Land 563-589-0310

Instructors at Wartburg

Dr. May Burt Persaud

Instructor in Biblical Languages

Ms. Loretta Haskell

Online Instructor in Graduate Writing

Timothy K. Snyder

Director of Educational Technology and Instructor of Practical Theology(563)589-0272

Wartburg Adjunct & Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth A. Leeper

Adjunct Professor of Church History(563) 589-0304

Nathan Montover

Adjunct Instructor in Reformation Studies

Elaine Ramshaw

Adjunct Instructor in Pastoral Care

Neal J. Anthony

Adjunct Instructor in Theology

Paul Baglyos

Adjunct Instructor in Theology and Land

Dennis R. Creswell

Adjunct Instructor in Historical Theology

Nathaniel Dawson

Adjunct Instructor in Emerging Church

Allison R. deForest

Adjunct Instructor in New Testament

Dwight DuBois

Adjunct Instructor in Faith & Life

Burton Everist

Adjunct Instructor in Bible

Jerry Folk

Adjunct Instructor in Church History

Philip Forness

Adjunct Instructor in Christian History

David Hahn

Adjunct Instructor in Mission and Leadership

Nelson H. Rabell-Gonzalez

Adjunct Instructor in Bible

Terra S. Rowe

Adjunct Instructor in Theology

Man Hei Yip

Adjunct Instructor in Missiology

Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan

Adjunct Instructor in Liturgy and Christian Life

Orin Cummings

Adjunct Instructor in History and Christian Mission

Mary Kay DuChene

Adjunct Instructor in Christian Leadership

John Herman

Adjunct Instructor in Christian Discipleship

Patricia Jung

Adjunct Instructor in Christian Ethics

Shannon Jung

Adjunct Instructor in Small Town and Rural Ministry

Edwin Lacy

Adjunct Instructor in Small Town and Rural Ministry

John Paulson

Adjunct Instructor in Mission and Leadership