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9781625647399Seventy Images of Grace in the Epistles . . .
That Make All the Difference in Daily Life

BY Norma Cook Everist

FOREWORD BY Martin E. Marty

How can faith speak directly to people’s real lives? How can conversation around Scripture make “all the difference” in the arenas of one’s daily world? People who have heard the Bible many times–or for the first time–want to know in the terms and images of their life situation. “When my world seems to be shaking all around me, why doesn’t it help to hear ‘You are forgiven’?” And further, “What can I say to someone who feels totally alienated from God?”

Seventy Images of Grace in the Epistles will help people make connections and empower them for their ministries in daily life. The book presents an interplay of stories of people’s actual lives and Epistle images of grace. Readers will begin to recognize the depth of the human predicament and the power of the gospel, thereby becoming equipped for Christian discipleship and vocation, not from duty or guilt, but from freedom. “Guides for Engagement” will help readers turn the book into a learning event.