“My favorite thing about teaching TEEM students is watching them create strong learning communities. In a short amount of time, they start to share deep insights, ask hard questions, and encourage each other as fellow leaders and learners.”

Rev. Dr. Martin LohrmannAssistant Professor of Lutheran Confessions & Heritage

“It was very easy to say yes to serving in public ministry. I felt that it was my calling for a large majority of my life. It was just a mat­ter of time and I knew what God had planned for me.”

Rev. Phouthaly OnelangsyTEEM ‘19 Graduate

“My favorite thing about teaching TEEM is that students are highly-invested learners. Since they are most often already “on the job” in ministry settings, they know firsthand the value of what we discuss in the classroom. They know this isn’t merely theory — it’s real-life ministry.”

Rev. Dr. Troy TroftgrubenAssociate Professor of New Testament and The William A. & John E. Wagner Professor in Biblical Theology