Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM)

The TEEM certificate program provides alternative preparation for those who will provide pastoral ministry in emerging ministry contexts throughout the church.

Welcome to Wartburg Seminary’s TEEM page! Wartburg Seminary has a reputation for forming faithful leaders ready to meet the leadership needs of our church. Our TEEM Certificate program prepares candidates for ministry with theological education and pastoral formation through academic coursework, pastoral accompaniment, and practical ministry training with our dedicated seminary faculty along with experienced supervisors, collegial mentors, and faithful candidacy committees.

Do you think that the TEEM program could be a good fit for you as a leader, for your congregation, or for your synod?  Read the stories here of some of our TEEM students and graduates.  Listen to the perspectives of our staff and faculty as they describe the program. Take a look at the course offerings. Contact your synod about possibilities. When you are ready to learn more, we look forward to talking with you.

Meet Enedina!

“I have been ready all my life to do this. All I needed was support and for someone to know that my ministry is a way to get unchurched people to come back to a new church that is not judgmental and demanding. I just needed help and it has taken me a lifetime to find it. God has worked a miracle in my life.”

Think TEEM could be right for you?

Check out these stories from other TEEM students and graduates.

Enedina Casarez Vasquez
TEEM Student
Lutheran Seminary Program SW

Philip Deng
TEEM Student
Wartburg Theological Seminary

Rev. Phouthaly Onelangsy
2019 TEEM Graduate
Wartburg Theological Seminary

Dianne Prichard
TEEM Student
Wartburg Theological Seminary


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Identifying Partners

Student, congregation, ELCA synod, and WTS partner together during a candidate’s TEEM journey. To get started, the synod and congregation OR student should identify themselves as a possible fit for TEEM.

First Conversations

The synod, potential TEEM student and/or congregation should connect with each other to discuss fit, potential, and questions about the TEEM program.
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Discussion & Planning

If you are a congregation or synod, invite WTS to partner with you to discern if TEEM is right for you by emailing

Begin Admissions Process

If you are a potential student, complete an inquiry form and the WTS Admissions team will be in touch with you soon! You will also begin your online application at this point.

Approval & Acceptance

If TEEM has been discerned to be a good fit for all partners involved and the candidate is approved by the ELCA, he/she will be admitted to the program and the student will be ready to begin as a TEEM student!

Choose your pathway to leadership

Curriculum designed for completion in three years through Wartburg Seminary

TEEM at Wartburg Seminary

On Campus Intensives and Online Learning

The WTS TEEM curriculum is designed for completion in three years, but may be accelerated or extended according to the needs, preferences and circumstances of TEEM candidates. Typically, one to two online courses are taken each semester (fall and spring) and two to four intensive courses during January or the summer (taken in residence at WTS). Courses are taught in English only.

Journey Together

The Journey Together Program (Competency Based TEEM) program offers alternative preparation for those who will provide pastoral ministry in emerging ministry contexts throughout the church. This program can be completed in English or Spanish.

Why Wartburg TEEM?

Students and Faculty share their resources for the discernment process.