Doctor of Philosophy
Princeton Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity
Luther Seminary

Bachelor of Arts
Trinity Lutheran College

Curriculum Vitae

The Rev. Dr. Troy Troftgruben

Associate Professor of New Testament
The William A. & John E. Wagner Professor in Biblical Theology

Faculty Biography

Before joining the faculty at Wartburg in 2013, Troy served for five years as a pastor in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He also served as adjunct instructor of religion at the University of North Dakota. Troy enjoys teaching with technology, whether online, residentially, or in hybrid formats. His areas of interest are Luke and Acts, early church communities, and Matthew. By vocation, Troy sees himself as a pastor, just one with a specialized call: the formation of church leaders through Wartburg Seminary. He is married to Maria, and together they have two children. Outside of work, Troy enjoys playing music, biking, being outdoors, cooking, and practicing the discipline of hope by following Minnesota sports teams and the Chicago Cubs.

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BI 366                 The Acts of the Apostles
BI 376                 Romans
BI 192                 Engaging the NT Letters
BI 190                 Engaging the NT Narratives
BI 271                 Preaching Matthew
BI 203                 Readings in Ecclesiastical Latin
BI 103                 New Testament Greek
BI 251                 The New Testament World
BI 295                 Teaching the Bible to Youth
MN 230               Preaching

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Dr. Troftgruben has extensive knowledge in the following categories and is able to serve as a resource on:

  • The Book of Acts and the Gospel of Luke
  • The Gospel of Matthew
  • Early Church Communities
  • Paul’s Letters
  • Pastoral Theology