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Exploring Faith Online Spring Courses 

Looking to take a course?

Wanting to strengthen your understanding of Scripture? Theology? Ministry?

Wartburg Theological Seminary offers Exploring Faith, online and intensive courses open to everyone.
February 18 – April 13, 2019


An expected minimum of eight or more students is normally needed for a course to be held (and so the course could be subject to cancellation if fewer students before the courses start on February 18), up to a maximum of 15 students in each course.  Multiple students from a church or organization are encouraged to register, although there is no reduction in tuition per student.

If you have questions about either course or have problems with registration, please contact the WTS Registrar.

Certificate Programs
Perhaps you are looking to take several courses and combine them to earn a certificate in a ministry specialty area.  See more details at Certificate Programs.

CE 051E Faith & Money: Breaking the Taboo

This course meets the Ethics requirement for the various Exploring Faith certificate programs.

Shannon Jung, instructor

Money has great power in our lives. Some claim that income or class is the most significant and profound source of gender, race, health, and spiritual well-being or injustice in our society. And yet, the church has often neglected to face squarely into the reality of the spiritual impact of money and how it can be either idolatrous or grace-filled. This class will offer a biblical, personal, and theological perspective on money. It will examine the relationship of faith and money and collaboratively strive to find a theological and preaching framework for the daily reality of money and how we use it.

CE 066E Psalms in the Life of the Church

This course meets the Worship requirement for the various Exploring Faith certificates.

Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, instructor

Embedded in the liturgical tradition are psalms of confession, thanksgiving, lament, prayer and praise. These ancient songs of Israel mark vital moments for our forebears of faith and also offer a musical treasure trove for spiritual formation today. This course explores the gift of the Psalms in the life of the church. Through study, theological reflection, musical engagement and discussion, students will learn the most potent psalmic themes and become familiar with a wide range of specific psalm texts.

Each course costs $210.  Both courses start February 18 and go through to April 13 (which is eight weeks total, ending in time for Psalm Sunday weekend).

If you have previously taken Exploring Faith or TEEM courses from us before, then you can register directly for one or both courses using the MyWTS web portal.

If you have not taken a course from us before (or not in many years), then you will first need to fill out a form to become a general certificate student, which includes being assigned a login account needed to access the MyWTS web portal to register for the actual course.  Please complete the Certificate Programs application, selecting your program either to enter a specific certificate program (if that is your goal) or as a non-designated student just taking some certificate courses.