Scholarship Endowment

Each year students are awarded scholarships, based on financial aid eligibility, from the endowment earnings.  The percentage eligible for distribution is calculated based on a three-year rolling average and is approved by the Board of Directors for Wartburg Seminary.

100% of eligible students receive some level of scholarship support at Wartburg Seminary.  Scholarship support plays a significant role in reducing student debt for many Wartburg student.  We are grateful for your support and commitment to endowed scholarships at Wartburg Seminary.

General Endowment
Gifts to the general endowment provide for the future of Wartburg Seminary by creating a stream of revenue that is long lasting.  Just like scholarships a percentage of the endowment value is drawn and used to support the daily life and mission of Wartburg Seminary.

If you are a regular supporter of the Wartburg Seminary Fund, consider making an endowment gift that will act as your annual gift in perpetuity.  At the current endowment draw rates of 5% an annual gift of $1,000 could be endowed permanently with a gift of $20,000.