Edy Santos

Dear Wartburg Community members:

Wartburg Theological Seminary is delighted to announce that we are extending a contract to Pastor Edy Santos to serve as the Program Director for Journey Together, a competency-based TEEM program, delivered in both Spanish and English.  Pastor Santos will be starting in this position on August 16th.  Pastor Santos is an ordained ELCA pastor, currently serving as a Mission Developer at Adventio Lutheran Church, Arlington, TX.  He brings a strong academic background, a heart for Latinx ministries, and a deep love of the church.  We are grateful to the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod and the community of Adviento, Arington, for their support and partnership in working with Wartburg and Pastor Santos in this endeavor.

Wartburg Seminary is delighted to welcome him to our community.

Kristin Largen


The Rev. Kristin Johnston Largen, Ph.D. [she/hers]
President, Wartburg Theological Seminary
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