Dear Wartburg Community,

We are delighted to share with you that we have called Pastor Stacey Nalean-Carlson to be the Interim Director of Contextual Education, with a start date of October 18th.

Pastor Nalean-Carlson is a 2003 graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary and brings to this role 18 years of experience as a parish pastor. Since 2012, she has been serving as a solo pastor for Glenwood & Canoe Ridge Lutheran Churches of Decorah, Iowa. She served two previous calls at Zion Lutheran Church of West Union, Iowa as an associate pastor, and at Adams Mountain & Hoff Lutheran Churches of Adams, North Dakota as a solo pastor.  Pastor Nalean-Carlson serves on the leadership team of Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation and is a writer for 1517 Media. She is passionate about sharing ordinary graces so that all people might experience the abiding love of God.

Relationship-building is one of her strengths and she is especially excited to begin her work with students, supporting them in their various contextual experiences.  Pastor Nalean-Carlson shares, “I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s call to serve the larger church through the mission and ministry of Wartburg Theological Seminary; I look forward with great joy to accompanying students in their formation as servant leaders who embody the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

She will be on campus two days a week, typically Wednesdays and Thursdays, and will be fully accessible for meetings via Zoom as well.

Please join in welcoming Pastor Stacey Nalean-Carlson to our community!