God of abundance, we come before you this day in Koplitz Auditorium with hearts overflowing with gratitude for your goodness and faithfulness. We rejoice at the indwelling of your Holy Spirit that inspired the vision for his building. We give you thanks for encouraging and supporting the entire team that brought this remodel to its successful completion. Oh God, you invite us to freely feast at your table. Feed all who gather here to teach and to learn. Pour your thoughts into our minds and your words into our hearts. Make this renewed structure a conduit for learning that leads to mission. Bless every desk, every book, every lecture, and every discussion. Be present in every classroom, every office, and every space set aside for study. Speak to us, that we might grow in understanding and be transformed by attentiveness to your Word. AMEN


Holy Spirit, Breath of God, you fill us with peace and form us for life in community. Make Fritschel Hall a sanctuary for all who yearn to belong. As we enter, stir us to move to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Let the pulse of your expansive love keep us dancing in time with you. Shape us, through the joys and challenges of life together, to be the body of Christ in this time and place—clothed in grace, equipped for ministry, and confident in your love. AMEN


Gracious God, we give you thanks for this renovated building that bears witness to the history of your faithfulness to Wartburg Seminary and looks forward to the new thing that you are doing in and among us. We thank you for all those whose labors brought this project to successful completion: their dedication, perseverance, wisdom, and skill, especially Andy Willenborg and Bill Link, Doug Stussi and Jim Mohn, and the teams at Conlon Construction and Straka Johnson. We thank you for all those whose generosity made this project possible: our donors, alumni, board members, faculty, and staff. Fill every space—every office, study carol, classroom and meeting place—with your holy wisdom and divine grace. Spur us to be diligent seekers of your sweetness, faithful interpreters of your precious word, and joyous witnesses to the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep our going out and our coming in from this time on and for evermore. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. AMEN