Beth Elness-Hanson is a Bible teacher, living her vocation of facilitating learning and scholarship in service to the church. She has taught primarily Hebrew Bible at Johannelund School of Theology in Uppsala, Sweden, and Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Wash. Her PhD is in Old Testament from VID Specialized University (formerly the School of Mission and Theology) in Stavanger, Norway, with her dissertation, “Generational Curses in the Pentateuch: An American and Maasai Intercultural Analysis.” Her ongoing research interests include: intercultural biblical interpretation that builds bridges of understanding across cultures, ecotheology, and African and feminist epistemologies (other ways of knowing). Her global perspective began during her early years living in Hong Kong as a Lutheran missionary kid, and later, she served for three years as an ELCA volunteer missionary, teaching at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Tanzania. She also enjoys hiking, being creative, supporting others through the cancer journey (her husband died in 2010 from brain cancer), and playing drums in worship ensembles.