History was made November 6, 2021 as faculty, staff, students and friends gathered at St. John’s Episcopal Church for the inauguration of The Rev. Kristin Johnston Largen, Ph.D. as the 15th president of Wartburg Theological Seminary. The inauguration was also live streamed.

Largen was presented for inauguration by Stephen Cornils, D.Min., chairman of the Board of Directors. Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton, performed the Rite of Inauguration. Former presidents, The Rev. Duane H. Larson, Ph.D., The Rev. Stanley N. Olson, Ph.D., and The Rev. Louise Johnson, D.D., passed the presidential medallion to the chair of the board, Stephen Cornils, D.Min., who, together with Bishop Kevin Jones, placed it on the shoulders of Rev. Largen.

Later that day, Largen delivered her inaugural address. “Today, what I want to share with you is how I am both experiencing and envisioning Wartburg’s particular call to participate in the formation of spiritual leaders whom the Holy Spirit is calling to lead God’s church—and our whole society—into God’s new day,” stated Largen. “Embracing that call, we draw upon three facets of Wartburg’s identity that undergird our ongoing participation in God’s mission, participation that will continue to support the flourishing of the gospel and the strengthening of the church, in a world that desperately needs healing and wholeness. These facets are as follows: our clear sense of mission and purpose; our existence as a resilient community that stretches, bridges and groans together; and our outward orientation as a community turned toward the wider world.”

Following Largen’s speech, responses were presented by The Rev. Troy Troftgruben, Ph.D, and The Rev. Winston Persaud, Ph.D.

A recorded video of the inauguration and the presidential address are available by clicking on the links below. 


Click here to view the Worship and Installation Service

Click here to view the Presidential Address