Students–please make sure to scroll down to get all the information that relates to you! There’s information about:
  • Expectations of Student Participation in Worship Planning and Leadership 
  • Opportunities to volunteer to serve in worship during Prolog Week. 
  • Opportunities to help shape how we commemorate many people and events in worship.
  • Opportunities for final year M.Div. students and MADM students in their final year of classes to preach in chapel


Worship Planning and Leadership Expectations:

Worship planning and leadership are both a privilege and a responsibility for degree students at Wartburg. We are, after all, a worship-centered community, and we need you to help us live out that commitment.

Accordingly, most M.Div. and MADM students will be assigned to serve on a worship planning group and help lead worship at least once per academic year.

Students may be excused from this expectation under certain circumstances:

  • Students are not expected to help plan or lead worship when on internship. This includes residential, CL, DL, MADM, and MDiv interns.
  • DL students who have work or other schedule issues that make it impossible to attend chapel or chapel planning meetings (held Mondays and Thursdays a few minutes after chapel ends)  may be excused if they contact Pastor Julie Higgs, the Dean of the Chapel, no later than August 22.  We’ll try to make an alternate scheduling arrangement that will allow your participation.
  • CL and non-degree students are not expected to participate but may choose to volunteer by contacting the Dean of the Chapel.

All residential, DL, M.Div., and MADM students who are not on internship and who do not contact the Dean of the Chapel will be assigned to a chapel planning group and expected to assist in planning and leading worship. Email Pastor Julie Higgs,, if you have questions.



Do you want to help with worship leadership during Prolog Week? Volunteer via Sign-Up Genius using the below address:

Prolog Week Worship Leadership Sign-up link:



Final Year M.Div. Students and MADM Students in their last year of classes: Want to preach in chapel on a Monday in either fall or spring semester? Sign up here!

The doodle poll also gives info about the guidelines for MADM students who want to preach.

Final Year Student Preaching Sign-Up link:



Are you interested in helping us acknowledge and pray about Commemorations during worship? We’ve added a lot of commemorations to our calendar for this year. Click below to get more info about what commemorations we’ll add to those listed in ELCA worship books. And then sign up for all those you want to help with!

Fall Semester Commemorations Sign-up link: