Why Wartburg?

An Interview with Heidi Youngquist, 2nd Year Residential Learning Student Can you describe your path to entering seminary? The journey to seminary has been like a long, windy road – a repeating cycle of resistance and acceptance! From the time I was in High School, God has been working hard to direct my path towards…

From the Classroom to the Congregation

Taking a full class load and serving in this role with three churches is busy. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. It helps that SWIM church members are flexible and understanding and forgiving of mistakes. They are more self sufficient than any other church I’ve ever experienced. They are willing to try new things, to experiment. They invite most new ideas. I am keenly aware of how wonderful this is.

Explore Discernment

How is God calling you? How is God calling you to use your gifts for the sake of the world? There are a whole variety of vocations to which God calls us in our lives. If we are called to a vocation of ministry there are multiple expressions of leadership. If God is calling you…


Mikayla Kopp: Advent Experience

Mikayla Kopp is an intern at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church and St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This unique combination of working with a congregation as well as at a hospital has her thinking about Advent in new ways this year.

The season of Advent involves a focus on waiting and Mikayla is helping her congregation to live into the season through preaching, teaching, and service.

Twelve Pastoral-Diaconal Practices

Wartburg Seminary’s core curriculum centers on the formation of leaders who demonstrate the Twelve Pastoral-Diaconal Practices for the life and mission of the church.  The twelve practices have guided the faculty through ongoing curriculum innovations. “We undertake continual assessment of our curriculum in partnership with synods to monitor the emerging developments in the church and…