Through distinct, yet related experiences, contextual education at Wartburg Seminary provides students the opportunity to…

Learn by Doing, Become by Being

Formed in contexts, students apply classroom learning to real life experiences and integrate intellectual knowledge with practical knowledge.

Curate a Pastoral Imagination

Students live into three questions that curate their pastoral imagination. What am I called to do? Who am I called to be? Why am I here in this time and place?

Rooted and Reaching Experiences

Every Wartburg contextual education experience is both rooted and reaching: rooted in the students’ existing experience and reaching beyond that experience to nurture growth and formation.

Collaborative Learning Program

Looking to be immersed in a ministry setting throughout your entire degree program towards ordained ministry? The Collaborative Learning Program may be for you!




Develop collaboration skills with community partners, develop and hone a ministry identity in the public square, and serve the community through contextual engagement.


Nurture pastoral care skills, cultivate an awareness of self, and grow in an understanding of human beings, their lives, and their stories.


Practical experience in essential ministry competencies, develop skills through practicing ministry and actively reflecting upon those experiences, and placements that are both rooted and reaching.


Mentoring for Ministry

General Resource

A study guide to use in connection with reading Mentoring for Ministry: The Grace of Growing Pastors.

Clinical Pastoral Education FAQ’s

Clinical Pastoral Education

Have questions about the what, where, how, and when of CPE? Take a look at this resource to help answer your questions.

Marietta Nelson-Bittle’s Contextual Learning Story

Collaborative Learning Program

Master of Divinity student Marietta Nelson-Bittle reflects on her experience of contextual education at WTS: things taught in class one day often quickly end up as part of sermons, Bible studies, confirmation lessons and pastoral care.

Mikayla Kopp’s Internship Story


2019 Master of Divinity graduate Mikayla Kopp reflects on the Advent season while serving in the unique internship placement at both St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church and St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

ACPE Website

Clinical Pastoral Education

Have questions about the what, where, how, and when of CPE? Take a look at this resource to help answer your questions.

Site Responsibilities


If you think your ministry setting is right for an intern, take a look at the financial responsibilities associated with internship for your congregation.

Rev. Dr. Charlene Rachuy Cox

Director of Contextual Education

Char has served as Director of Contextual Education at Wartburg Seminary since June of 2018. She works with WTS students in their placement, evaluation, and reflections on every contextual education experience during the student’s time as a student, from fieldwork, to CPE, to internship, and/or as a collaborative learner. She looks forward to walking with you as you learn by doing and become by being in the Contextual Education programs of WTS.