Wartburg Seminary Students

Meet Wartburg Students

Why Wartburg?

An Interview with Amanda Berg, 1st Year Distributed Learning Student Can you describe your path to entering seminary? My dad’s vocation as a Lutheran Air Force Chaplain meant moving lots of places and growing up worshipping in an ecumenical base chapel setting. From a young age I had a deep interest and curiosity about God…

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Collaboration Among Partners

Pastor Lundborg says, “Collaborative Learning is like DL [Master of Divinity Distributed Learning Program] 2.0. We are now talking about what’s best for the student’s formation, finances and family. It is especially great for students who are already serving in a congregation and now can dig into seminary in real-time.”

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From the Classroom to the Congregation

Taking a full class load and serving in this role with three churches is busy. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. It helps that SWIM church members are flexible and understanding and forgiving of mistakes. They are more self sufficient than any other church I’ve ever experienced. They are willing to try new things, to experiment. They invite most new ideas. I am keenly aware of how wonderful this is.

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Finding Home At Wartburg Seminary

There is something oddly, deeply familiar about this time and place called seminary. Perhaps it’s because the private, Lutheran, higher education vibe resonates with my experience from Luther College.

Read “Coming Home” from Daniel Grainger’s blog, published with his permission.

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