Degree Concentrations


Master degree programs offer the option of a concentration as a means to develop specialization in an area of ministry. A concentration consists of a minimum of 10 credits in a specified area of emphasis. Currently we offer four concentrations.

  • Hispanic Ministry
  • Rural Ministry
  • Youth, Culture, and Mission (YCM)
  • Mission Development

The general pattern for meeting the requirements for all concentrations is as follows:

  • One J-Term devoted to the subject area (2 credits). For the Hispanic Ministry concentration, this would mean a J-Term immersion through our extension site, the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS) in Austin, Texas. For the Rural Ministry concentration, this would mean completing the Rural Ministry J-Term course. For the YCM and Mission Development concentrations, designated J-Term courses or their equivalents will be offered.
  • Other on-campus/hybrid courses taken to meet a degree requirement, such as additional Rural Ministry courses, further coursework in pastoral care and youth/family ministry with YCM eligibility as designated by the faculty, or Spanish language or practicum courses in the case of the Hispanic Ministry concentration.
  • The two fieldwork requirements in the second year of the degree, requirements IN-9.3 and IN-9.4, will be arranged in the specified area of the concentration.
  • The final-year integrative requirements, IN-5 and IN-6, are to be arranged in the area of study of the concentration.

Most concentrations allow some flexibility in how assignments are completed in other courses. It is possible in some cases to make arrangements, so that a student’s internship site might provide experience in the student’s area of a concentration.

Students should note that completing a concentration could involve some coursework beyond the minimum degree requirements. The student in a concentration may need to take additional courses beyond the minimum to meet the needs of both the degree and the concentration.