Why Wartburg Seminary?

Wartburg Seminary -Forming Valued leaders for God’s Mission Video

Wartburg Theological Seminary is valued by the church, its graduates, and the congregations where graduates serve.  Leaders are valued for their strong faith, theological depth, practical wisdom, and love for people.  Wartburg’s formation for leadership is distinctive and plays an important role in the life of the church.

Wartburg Theological Seminary….Forming Valued Leaders for God’s Mission

Wartburg Seminary forms servant leaders for the church.  Graduates are committed to the role of serving Christ’s church and in congregations, for the sake of the world and its changing needs.

Wartburg Seminary forms leaders who have an expansive view for God’s mission in the world.  Leaders proclaim grace and seek justice reaching beyond the congregation and extending to the global church.

Wartburg Seminary is worship-centered.  Intentional daily worship and emphasis on the development of spiritual practices creates a rhythm and ritual of gathering to worship and being sent out for God’s work in the world.  Students explore the life-centering potential of worship and bring this intentionality to the congregations they serve.

Through the rich experience of learning, living, and worshipping together leaders are formed in community at Wartburg Seminary.  As leaders are sent out for God’s mission they have been shaped

by God’s Word, by the church’s traditions, by the faith of other believers, and are equipped to lead communities of faith in the church and world.

Wartburg Seminary’s pathways to learning are intense, innovative, and challenging.Opportunities for practical learning and application in ministry settings are integrated throughout the formation process.

Wartburg Seminary gives attention to each person through the formation process, helping to nurture those God is calling, ensuring that students find their own voice as they seek to share the gospel.

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