Welcome to Learning for Life!

Wartburg Theological Seminary is embarking on a new adventure. Building on the core belief that theological education and formation are for the whole church, Wartburg is creating new ways for all the baptized, of all vocations, and from all locations to access theological education. Knowing that people have different learning needs and learning goals, Wartburg is looking to create multiple options for people on their formation journey. Learning is for Life. Seminary is for Everyone. 

Learning for Life Event Opportunities

Some of you may be looking for opportunities that provide a minimal amount of commitment. Events, lectures, and workshops on campus or locations across the country may be the place to start. These opportunities range from an hour or two to several days, with little to no prep. Check out our complete schedule. 

Exploring Faith Online Courses

Others of you may also be craving something deeper, such as a study on the Hebrew Scriptures, or an opportunity to reflect with others on themes like discipleship, mission, and vocation. A new series of courses have been developed for 2015 called Exploring Faith. Offered online three times per year, these Entry Level Courses can be taken individually or as groups from congregations. Multiple courses can even be combined to earn certificates in a variety of ministry areas. The Advanced level courses are perfect for ministry professionals or those that have engaged in theological studies before. Need a guide to help sort out the many options? Contact us at learningforlife@wartburgseminary.edu. We look forward to partnering with you on this journey of formation.