Connections: Faith and Life, is an adult study to help people make the connection between what they believe and their lives all week long. It is available for you to download, reproduce and use. Written by Norma Cook Everist and Nelvin Vos and published by the ELCA, this resource is housed on Wartburg Seminary’s website. It is free for you to use as long as you do not change the content and acknowledge authorship, publisher, and Wartburg Seminary.

There are four Units, with six sessions each. Unit One: Living Faithfully; Unit Two: Living Confidently; Unit Three: Living Spiritually; and Unit Four: Living Freely. The Units can be used separately or in a year-long series. The authors have provided in each Unit an Introduction, the Participant Resource, and a 2-3 page Leader Guide at the end. (A Concepts Chart and Participant Resource Covers follow.)

Connections can be used with adults on a Sunday morning or evening, in small group ministry, in outreach with inquirers or in a new member class. It also is a valuable resource for adults who want to re-engage their faith in life-long learning, with confirmation mentors, in a neighborhood group, a cluster of congregations (Lutheran and ecumenical), or in a workplace setting. It is adaptable for a retreat setting.

Each session of Connections begins where people are in their daily lives and goes to the heart of issues relating to creeds, commandments, prayer and sacraments. Topics include: “What in the World is God Doing?” “Is Anywhere Safe Anymore?” “What is the Truth About Lying?” “How Do I Keep Going? Holy Work and Sabbath Rest.” “Where in the World is the Church?” and “Freedom From is Freedom For.”

Participants connect with faith by using Martin Luther’s Large Catechism and connect with daily life using experiential methods rather than lecture. They also visit some of the worlds and workplaces of participants. They also grow closer to God through use of Scripture. Connections helps adults discover they are already ministers in daily life, and grow deeper in faith and ability to share that faith in the real world.

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