• Grow your ministry through Youth and Family Ministry Certification School. Adult leaders, volunteers, clergy, parents, youth and seminary students who have a passion for forming vibrant faith among young people will learn in community through a combination of onsite training and online learning. Participants will broaden their knowledge and skill set through an adventure experience, small group conversations, professional development assessments, and solid theological education with cutting-edge ministry basics.
  • Take a course  on campus over the weekend for a full week.
  • Claiming Your Vocation for Life are three day retreats designed for those seeking God’s guidance and spiritual discernment for entering into a next stage of life. Through renewal of baptism, Scripture study, spiritual direction, financial planning, and corporate worship in Christ, participants will summon God’s reviving Spirit to come, accompany, and lead them into the future.
  • Rostered leaders engage in a faculty led text study while congregation members participate in student led Bible studies around stimulating topics at Come to the Castle.
  • Learn from ecumenical leaders at Wartburg’s annual Rural Ministry Conference, Through worship, keynote speakers, workshops, and Bible study, participants are offered a unique opportunity to network with others who are active in and concerned about rural ministry.
  • Center for Global Theology